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How to Write Blog via Vim

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Today, I find a vim plugin called vimrepress. So I install it and write this blog here.

Note: this blog is expired for it was for Wordpress. However currently this blog is built with Octopress instead of Wordpress.

Checklist Before Launching a Website

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Just record these steps for possible uses in the future.

  • Check the favicon of the website

  • Check the title and meta data: add description and keywords

  • Performance test, get the maximum concurrent access the website can bear

  • Database security check

  • Database backup configuration

  • Web server backup

  • Cache images, java script and css files.

  • Use gzip to compress web pages.

  • Use a dedicate domain name and server for images and other static files.

  • Customize your 404 not found page

  • Write the robots.txt file

  • Write the sitemap.xml file

  • Use optipng to compress png and gif files

  • Use jpegoptim to compress jpeg files

  • Use Google’s Chrome and PageSpeed plugin to optimize website’s speed

  • Use Google’s Webmaster Tools to find dead links and other errors in your pages.

How to Translate Apache’s “RewriteRule” Into Nginx’s “Rewrite”

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There are many cases you need to use friendly url. If you are using Apache, tipcially you can activate the URL rewriting module and write some rewriting rules with .htaccess file; While if you are using Nginx, you can also write some rewriting rules. Both of them support regular expression, so it’s easy to translate from one to the other.

To translate from the Apache’s rewriting rule to the Nginx’s, simply do the following substitutions:

Adaptive Color Selector

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This is an adaptive color selector. It can dynamically choose which color of checkmark to use. When a light color is chosen, a black checkmark display; while when dark color is chosen, a white checkmark display.

Here is a screenshot.

Nginx 502 Bad Request

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I have got this error many times. Today, I dived into it and resolved it.

I use php-fpm and nginx on my server. Occasionally, I got 502 bad request error. When I check the nginx log, it says upstream sent too big header. In my memory, the default buffer size if big enough. To make sure it’s not caused by this, I add the following lines to the nginx configuration file:

My Certificates for CS101 and CS373 @ Udacity

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I received Certificate of Accomplishment with Highest Distinction, which the highest level of certificates, from Udacity for both CS101 (Introduction To Computer Science - Building A Search Engine) and CS373 (Programming a Robotic Car).

PID Control

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When I was a college student, I participated a contest of mathimatical model. It’s a physical problem, which I didn’t find the model to solve. While I am studying the Udacity’s class Progamming a Robotic Car, and when it comes to PID control, it occurs to me that it’s the model exactly to solve the contest’s problem!

PID control is really an interesting and excellent algorithm. The detail information can be found at Wikipedia. The main point is that the control system has 3 parts: the Proportional, the Integral and the Derivative.

The formular is:

\(u(t) = MV(t) = K_pe(t)+K_i\int_0^t \! {e(\tau) \, \mathrm{d}\tau}+K_d\dfrac{d}{dt}e(t)\)


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I’m using vim while still using emacs.

Just record my .vimrc file here.

Anti-Debug With Trap Flag Register

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Let’s play an interesting Crack-memuckis’s crackme #2.

When you run the crack-me with a debugger, say OllyDbg, the program pops up a message box saying “What the hell are you doing in my app with a debugger?” and then exists, but when you run the crack-me without a debugger, just double-click on it, it runs normally.

My First Keygen

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Recently, I’m reading pediy’s book: Encryption and Decryption. This is a really good book with many practical technologies and skills, and it’s also very interesting. In Chapter 2, I met a problem, so I cracked the demo crack-me program with ollydbg, but I’m not satisfied with that, so I studied the encrytion algorithm and wrote a keygen program.

The main algorithm is very simple, but it took me a lot of time to deal with the multi-byte characters problems, and I found there is another defination of unicode on Microsoft’s platform! I can’t figure out why Micro$oft didn’t use UTF-8 to build his system just like Macintosh, because with UTF-8, we programmers don’t have to deal with these troubles at all. Anyway, Windows is such a snorty that most people still have to use it.

Configure PHP-FPM and Nginx in Low Memory Servers

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Recently, I registered an Amazon EC2, ie Elastic Compute Cloud, with a free tier for the first year. The machine has only 600M memory. That is so few that it took me a few days to optimize my configuration files to make my blog and other web service run on this machine.

Before I use EC2, my blog is based on LAMP(Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). I decided to replace it with LNMP(Linux, Nginx, MySQL, PHP), since Nginx is said to be more efficient than Apache. To install all these is simple:

How to Solve Broken Pipe Message in SSH Session

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Sometimes my SSH session disconnects with a Write failed: Broken pipe message. What does it mean? And how can I keep my session open?

It’s possible that your server closes connections that are idle for too long. You can update either your client (ServerAliveInterval) or your server (ClientAliveInterval).