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Checklist Before Launching a Website

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Just record these steps for possible uses in the future.

  • Check the favicon of the website

  • Check the title and meta data: add description and keywords

  • Performance test, get the maximum concurrent access the website can bear

  • Database security check

  • Database backup configuration

  • Web server backup

  • Cache images, java script and css files.

  • Use gzip to compress web pages.

  • Use a dedicate domain name and server for images and other static files.

  • Customize your 404 not found page

  • Write the robots.txt file

  • Write the sitemap.xml file

  • Use optipng to compress png and gif files

  • Use jpegoptim to compress jpeg files

  • Use Google’s Chrome and PageSpeed plugin to optimize website’s speed

  • Use Google’s Webmaster Tools to find dead links and other errors in your pages.