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What We Use Make Who We Are

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For a start up, for a tech team, or for a community, what we use make who we are. They are the source of culture and they show what we believe.

Which operating system, Windows, Linux or OS X, do you use as the default developing environment? Which operating system do you use as the production environment, Debian based, Red hat based, or Gentoo? Which cloud server do you use, AWS or other? Which language do you use as the main backend language, Python, Ruby, Node.js, or Java, PHP, C++? Which infrastructure do you use?

All those questions can have multiple answers. What you choose show what you believe. For some questions, there exists a best answer, but it’s a best answer to most people, someone still believe alternatives and have their reasons.

We human are so small and weak that we don’t even know where we come from and why we exist. We can not prove the existence of God and at the same time we can not prove God not exist. We just believe. We just prefer.

From my personal opinion, the best suit for a start up techinical team is:

  • OS X for developing OS
  • Gentoo or Red hat based for production OS
  • AWS for cloud server
  • Python for main back-end language
  • JIRA for task management
  • Jenkins for continuous integration
  • git for version control
  • Bitbucket for code review
  • Slack for instance messaging

There are still so many choices you need to make. Every choice you make makes a parallel universe and thus make you different from all the others.