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Resolve Error "Version Number Does Not Start With Digit

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Today, I download a Linux version of QQ, a Deb file, but when I install it, I get an error : “version number does not start with digit”.

I search the internet and Google tells me the solution.

  1. cd to the directory of linuxqq_v1.0.2-beta1_i386.deb

  2. dpkg-deb -R linuxqq_v1.0.2-beta1_i386.deb linuxqq
  3. vi linuxqq/DEBIAN/control

    change the line “Version: v1.0.2-beta1” to “Version: 1.0.2-beta1”, ie remove the letter “v”.

    save and exit.

  4. dpkg-deb -b linuxqq/ linuxqq.deb

The new package linuxqq.deb can be installed successfully now.