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Shire - a Framework Based on Tornado Web & MongoDB

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Merry Christmas!

Today, I open sourced a project named shire via Github.

shire is a web framework based on Tornado and MongoDB.

Why choose Tonado Web and MongoDB?

As this slide share shows, for joy and freedom.

shire also arms with bootstrap and jinja2, so it’s powerful. But it is small and flexible enough to do any customization based on it.

shire is designed for developers to quickly implement a website and prevent from wasting time on undertaking considerable basic jobs like configing db, adding bootstrap, user administration, signin, sign out, uploading resources etc.

Tinker it as you like!

Don’t forget to submit a pull request!

Getting Started

Make sure you have successfully installed MongoDB and Python 2.7

(To prepare a production environment, you may also need nginx, supervisord.)

pip install -r pip-req.txt


Go hacking!