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My Certificate for Digital Analytics Fundamentals

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Ok, when my command git submodule foreach --recursive git pull origin master --recurse-submodules is still running, I write this blog.

Yesterday, I received an email from Google Analytics that reminded me that day is last day to earn your certificate for Digital Analytics Fundamentals. Here is the email:

Today is the final day to complete the Digital Analytics Fundamentals course on Analytics Academy in order to be eligible for a course completion certificate.

Participants who complete the course and pass the final assessment with a score of 80% or better by 11:59pm PDT today (October 30, 2013 -- click to view your local time) will automatically receive a course completion certificate.

Once you pass the final assessment you can access your certificate from the My Profile page. Be sure to download and save or print your certificate by the course deadline, since it will no longer be accessible once the course closes.

So I quickly finished the last two chapters of this course. And when I finished the final assessment, there was a few minutes left before the deadline. Forturnately I passed the assessment with a score of 95% and received a course completion certificate.

Here is the certificate.

my certificate for Digital Analytics Fundamentals

PDF Certificate