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POJ 2104 K-th Number Report

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View the problem description here: 2104 K-th Number .

To solve this problem, you need to learn the following knowledge first.

  • Segment Tree
  • Binary Search
  • Merge Sort

If you know all the above, it’s easy to solve this problem.

Try to solve by yourself, and don’t look my source code:

``` cpp POJ 2104 K-th Number #include #include #include #include #include using namespace std; #define maxn 100010 #define maxm 20 int n,m; int a[maxn]; int sorted[maxm][maxn]; struct node{ int l,r,d; node* lc,*rc; }; node mem[maxm*maxn]; int pos; node *root; int b,e,k; node* maketree(int l,int r,int d){ if(l>r)return 0; node* n1=&mem[pos++]; n1->l=l,n1->r=r,n1->d=d; if(l==r){ sorted[d][l]=a[l]; return n1; } int mid=(l+r)/2; n1->lc=maketree(l,mid,d+1); n1->rc=maketree(mid+1,r,d+1); int i,j,k; i=l,j=mid+1,k=l; while(i<=mid&&j<=r){ if(sorted[d+1][i]<sorted[d+1][j]) sorted[d][k++]=sorted[d+1][i++]; else sorted[d][k++]=sorted[d+1][j++]; } while(i<=mid)sorted[d][k++]=sorted[d+1][i++]; while(j<=r)sorted[d][k++]=sorted[d+1][j++]; return n1; } int search2(int l,int r,int d,int u){ if(l==r+1)return l; int mid=(l+r)/2; if(u<=sorted[d][mid])return search2(l,mid-1,d,u); else return search2(mid+1,r,d,u); } int query(int u,node *n1){ if(b<=n1->l&&n1->r<=e){ return search2(n1->l,n1->r,n1->d,u)-n1->l; } else{ int ret=0; int mid=(n1->l+n1->r)/2; if(b<=mid)ret+=query(u,n1->lc); if(e>=mid+1)ret+=query(u,n1->rc); return ret; } } int search1(int l,int r){ if(l==r+1){ return r; } int mid=(l+r)/2; //cout<<"l="<<l<<",r="<<r<<endl; //cout<<"mid="<<mid<<endl; int x=query(sorted[1][mid],root); //cout<<"x="<<x<<endl; //cout<<"k="<<k<<endl; if(x<=k)return search1(mid+1,r); else return search1(l,mid-1); } int main(){ scanf("%d%d",&n,&m); int i,j; for(i=1;i<=n;i++)scanf("%d",&a[i]); pos=0; root=maketree(1,n,1); /*for(i=1;i<=10;i++){ for(j=1;j<=7;j++) printf("%d ",sorted[i][j]); cout<<endl; }*/ for(i=1;i<=m;i++){ scanf("%d%d%d",&b,&e,&k); k--; printf("%d\n",sorted[1][search1(1,n)]); } }