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POJ 1190 Birthday Cake Report

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View this problem on POJ: 1190 Birthday Cake (生日蛋糕)

There is no good methods, maybe dynamic programing is feasible, but it’s too complex for me to construct the transformation equation.

I have to use DFS (Depth First Search) to solve this problem. After the TLE (Time Limit Exceeds) appeared enough times, I worked it out. Pruning is very important for this problem.

My source code:

cpp POJ 1190 Birthday Cake #include <iostream> #include <cmath> using namespace std; int n,m; int q[11000]; int p[11000]; unsigned int result; void dfs(int l,int v,int r,int h,int s){ if(v<0)return; if(l>m+1)return; if(s+p[m-l+1]>result)return; if(v<q[m-l+1])return; if(v>r*r*h*(m-l+1))return; if(l==m+1&&v==0){ if(s<result)result=s; } int ri,hi; for(ri=r;ri>0;ri--){ if(2*v/ri>=result-s)break; for(hi=h;hi>0;hi--){ int t=s+2*ri*hi; if(l==1)t+=ri*ri; dfs(l+1,v-ri*ri*hi,ri-1,hi-1,t); } } } int main(){ cin>>n>>m; result=-1; int i; for(i=0;i<11000;i++){ q[i]=i*i*i; p[i]=2*i*i; } for(i=1;i<11000;i++){ q[i]+=q[i-1]; p[i]+=p[i-1]; } dfs(1,n,(int)(sqrt((double)n)),n,0); if(result==-1)cout<<"0"; else cout<<result; return 0; }