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Migrated From Wordpress to Octopress

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This blog has migrated from Wordpress to Octopress. Compared with Wordpress, Octopress has a lot of overwhelming advantages.

  • No database, so you don’t need to back up database, and you can use github or bitbucket to control your all files.
  • No dymaic page, so you don’t PHP server. All you need is to set up Nginx. This allows more concurrent access to your website.
  • Posting more effitiently. I like the process and interaction of posting an article with Octopress. Use command rake new_post["BLOG TITLE"] to generate a template, and with any editor like emacs or vim to edit my article. Use rake generate to generate html file according to the source file, and then rake deploy to deploy to the server. Don’t you think that’s so cool? Don’t forget to commit to your version control system.
  • Markdown format. This is a format easier to write and read than html for human being. Use it. Trust me.


If you start a new blog, just use Octopress, but if you already have a wordpress blog like me, it’s not so easy to migrate to Octopress. At least don’t forget to do the following things:

  • Use exitwp to convert the XML file, which is exported from wordpress, to Markdown format files.
  • Use Disqus to manage comments in your blog.
  • Modify code block.
  • Define each post with at most one category, if you prepare to configure your blog urls with categories as a part.
  • Write a script to check each link in your blog valid. Use Nginx rewrite to forward old links to new links. Also write a URL Maper file (mapping from old links to new links) and submit it to Disqus, where there is a migratino tool to do such things.
  • Use Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools to minitor your website. Correct warnings and errors they inform you.