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Left-handed Mouse Cursors

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I made a set of left-handed mouse cursors so that I can use my left-handed mouse more comfortably.

I just used a tool _ArtCursors _to import the standard cursors from Windows XP, and edited the cursors in ArtCursors, flipping and setting the hot-spot for each.

Now,  have a look:

You can download my cursors here: cur_left_leon. You need to extract it and exchange Windows standard cursors with them.

On Linux system, I use this: aero-left.tar.gz. It works fine with my Gentoo system, but I don’t know if it works on other Linux systems.

on Mac OS 10.8+, Download

After downloading, installing both the app and the helper app, do the following:

  1. Go to the Mousecape preferences and choose “I am left handed”.
  2. Dump the system cursors into a cape from the menu: “Capes” → “Dump Cursors”
  3. Apply the Cursor Dump cape (right click → apply)
  4. Done!