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Disable Third-Party Cookies

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More and more websites and abusing web cookies to track users and get private information which they shouldn’t get. Though we can trust some websites, like Google, to coollect user info for analytics and providing better service, we can not trust all websites, especially some in bad reputation. Some company even sell user info. So we have to protect ourselves.

To disable 3-party cookies if one of the most effective way to protect your privacy when surfing the web. How to do it? Follow me and I will guide you.

Disable 3-party cookies in your browser

Here we use Chrome as an example. Go to the setting page, and click Show advanced settings....

Find Privacy, and click Content settings... button.

Check Block third-party cookies and site data as the following screenshot shows and click Done.

Disable Cookies Screenshot

Delete and Disable flash cookies

Flash cookie, also known as Local Shared Object, is exactly like a browser cookie, except that it can also store data more complex than simple text.

Unlike regular Web cookies, which can be disabled via your browser preferences, Flash cookies can only be accessed through the Adobe Flash Player Settings Manager. For Mac users, you can find it in System Preferences.

Do as the following picture shows. Choose Ask me before allowing new sites to save information on this computer or Block all sites from storing information on this computer.

Disable Flash Cookie

Don’t forget to Delete all existed flash cookies.

If you want to delete all flash data from your hard drive, they are under folder:

  • Windows –> C:\Documents and Settings[username]\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player
  • Macintosh OSX –> /Users/[username]/Library/Preferences/Macromedia/Flash Player