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Cast Android and iPhone Screen Onto Macbook

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This guides is for casting Android and iPhone Screen onto a Macbook or other computers through a USB cable. If you’re searching a wireless solution, this is not. Actually after searching a lot, I find no good solution for wireless cast, so I admit this is a compromise solution. After all, fluency and resolution are more important.

Cast Android Screen onto Macbook

  • Install Vysor (Beta) on Mac OS. It’s a chrome plugin.
  • Install and open and choose the Android device connected with a USB wire.

Cast iPhone Screen onto Macbook

  • Connect iPhone to Mac via USB.
  • Open QuickTime Player on Mac OS
  • Open File->New Movie Recording
  • Click the caret to the right of the red recording button and choose the iPhone

Air Play

If your are using a TV supports Air play, you can just Air play your iPhone screen onto your TV.