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NSIS Plugin --- liteFirewall


There have been 3 firewall plugin for NSIS: Firewall-Disabler Plugin, NSIS Simple Firewall Plugin and NsisFirewall Plugin. But each of them has some shortcomings, so I just write one: liteFirewall. It’s based on nsisFirewall. Thanks to its author.


liteFirewall is based on nsisFirewall, and it also allows you to perform easily 2 tasks:

  • Add an application to Windows Firewall exception list

  • Remove an application from Windows Firewall exception list

The advantage of liteFirewall compared to nsisFirewall is it can automatically figure out the current profile of windows firewall, and add a corresponding rule for your application.


ZIP archive contains the plug-in DLL as well as documentation, source code and sample script.


liteFirewall::AddRule "<application path>" "<rule name>" 
liteFirewall::RemoveRule "<application path>" "<rule name>" 
is the full path to the application you want to be authorized to access the network (or accept incoming connections). is the title that will be given to this exception entry in the firewall control panel list. ### Examples ; Add NOTEPAD to the authorized list liteFirewall::AddRule "$WINDIRNotepad.exe" "liteFirewall Test" Pop $0 ; Remove NOTEPAD from the authorized list liteFirewall::RemoveRule "$WINDIRNotepad.exe" "liteFirewall Test" Pop $0 ### Source Code This project is an open source project. You may compile the source code at <>.